Taking Apart A Nokia Lumia 520

Hello Everyone,

I’m back with another disassembly video, this time we’re taking apart my old Nokia Lumia 520 phone. This was the first phone I ever owned, but like I said in the video, I didn’t actually use it as a phone! The phone came with Windows Phone 8, which unlike Windows 8, I actually thought it was a really good. I still believe Windows Phone had potential, but it wasn’t marketed well. As talked about in the video, I bought the phone with the expectation it would be as indestructible as the old Nokia phones but this was false. I had the phone for all of about 6 months before I dropped and cracked the screen on a sidewalk! I have kept the phone since then mainly as I had personal information on it that I was unable to erase. So with the set of small screwdrivers I got for Christmas I was finally able to destroy the phone. Unfortunately I lack access to proper soldering equipment at home (I only have an iron and solder, where as I’d need solder wick to try and loosen the heat sinks (really more like covers for the components) so I wasn’t able to disassemble as much as I wanted to. Having never taken apart a modern smartphone before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

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