Removing A Catalytic Converter “The Easy Way”

Hello Everyone,

Sometimes when scrapping a car you may want to remove the Catalytic Converter from it, since taking it to scrap separately from the remainder of the vehicle allows you to make a few extra dollars, mainly due to the special and relatively rare metals contained within them. Here, we do just that. Having loaded the 1992 Mercury Villager onto a flat-bed trailer earlier in the day, and off camera, we take an Angle Grinder with the guard removed and go to work. It turns out that “The Easy Way” wasn’t as easy as first expected, mainly due to the limited amount of space to manoeuvre in the centre of the flat-bed trailer. A big disclaimer here, that is also featured in the video, is that you shouldn’t remove the guard off an angle grinder. In this case, doing so makes it easier to reach the pipe that were cutting but it does create fire hazards.


Note: we don’t condone removing emissions equipment from vehicles that are still running and on the road, but the method being showed here can also be used to “straight-pipe” your exhaust by cutting out the muffler, resonator, and Catalytic Converter, then installing pipe in its place.

Note: We apologize for bad audio quality at the very start of the video. This was the first video we shot for GB Productions and we didn’t realize at the time that the GoPro’s microphone doesn’t pick up audio very well. Since the van was gone by the time we inspected the video, we couldn’t easily re film that part.