NETGEAR GS305 Unmanaged Switch – Unboxing And Quick Review

Hey Guys, Mitchell here with another little tech video! This time I’m unboxing and reviewing a NETGEAR GS305 Unmanaged Switch. At the time of filming this video back in May I had 3 GS 308 switches in service for over a year and had no issues with them so when I had to purchase another switch for an extension of my home network I immediately went and purchased another one, this time the GS305 featured in the video. The main reason for the difference in model was honestly just choosing whichever was cheaper at the time, as the 8 port variants often come on sale cheaper than the normal price for the 5 port. While I can’t comment on the ability of the larger variants (24 and 48 port) to handle traffic, these small ones have no issues handling the traffic on my home network and I’d highly recommend them to anyone needing a small switch. The main issue you’d probably see with the bigger ones is perhaps some bottlenecks on maximum bandwidth. I’m not sure how the automatic switches deal with paired lines (to increase bandwidth) and since they’re only 1 Gigabit to begin with, on an enterprise network they’re probably not fast enough. But for most business purposes, you’d likely want to step up to more powerful switches that have some 10 Gigabit links in order to make sure the outbound traffic from the switch isn’t bottlenecked. I have linked the datasheet for these switches at the following link NETGEAR 300 Series Switches Datasheet.

Anyways, enjoy the video! In September I’ll be doing an unboxing and review on a new 4K TV I bought recently. And over the winter I’ll be ramping up the tech content here to help fill in programming while Greg is back in College.