July 2021 Channel Update

Just posting a little video here to give an update to what’s coming up here on GB Productions from now into the fall. This is not a completely exhaustive list, as there could be some unannounced issues with one of the cars that needs fixed that could be recorded. In general, coming up for the rest of the summer we have nine videos chronicling the replacement of all the coolant hoses on the 1999 BMW 328i. We’re also launching the 1999 GMC Sierra 2500 HD project with a set of 5 videos on getting the engine up and running properly again. We also have another special coming on August 4th. Somethings we didn’t mention in the video includes an engine rebuild on Greg’s Tractor and his Seadoo. The Seadoo engine rebuild will be filmed by Greg himself so it’ll be a bit “lower-budget”, assuming he ever receives the parts necessary to complete it. The tractor rebuild will be filmed together mostly, he has the parts ready to do the job the main issue is scheduling time to have the tractor out of service to complete the work. That being said, our main filming priorities for the rest of the summer will involve the 1995 Dodge Ram 2500, and the 1981 Volkswagen Caddy as we’d like to move towards getting the Ram on the road, and the front end of the Caddy swapped in (with the engine from the red Mk.3 Golf) before winter. These videos will start to release just after Labour Day in September, and both these projects are being shot in 4k. Anyway, sit back and watch the video as we go into more detail on what’s coming up!