How To Change Your Tires

Hey guys, Mitchell here.

Anyway, I decided while changing my tires back in March that I’d film changing them (well the first wheel anyway) mainly for only one reason. Often enough Greg and I are having to pull wheels off to do work on cars and every time we’ve had to film a sequence on installing the tire. In the case of the Mk. 4 Jetta Brake Servicing, when I edited the video I left that part out in order to keep the running time under 30 minutes. When we did brake servicing on the 328i last December I was able to leave that part in the video (and you can see that sequence at the link here). So I decided to film this so that in the future we have a video we can point to for a detailed tutorial on installing tires and skip filming this part. Since I’m a relative novice at car repair, and being on camera, for that matter, it’s more than likely we’ll probably film a Mk. 2 version of this sometime in the future. Another side effect to this is that we now have the tutorial available for both lug nut and bolt style hubs. I personally think studs with lug nuts are better (as featured here), mainly because it seems to be easier to get the wheel on and it will stay on the hub. With bolt style, it’s easy for the wheel to come off again before you get the first bolt in. Most people probably won’t have a problem with either, but I’m rather uncoordinated, so the less things I need to do at the same time the better!

As for the car in question, I filmed it on my 2017 Chevrolet Cruze. Since it’s a lease I unfortunately can’t do any other DIY’s with the car as I’m not a licensed mechanic able to sign off my own work. Anyway, the torque value you should know for this car is 100 lb-ft, and it’s overall a relatively easy tire change.

I am aware of a few audio drop out issues that have occurred in the last few videos. Something seems to be up with the newest version of Adobe Premiere as I don’t have any issues in the timeline. Luckily, nothing important has really been lost so I see no reason to try exporting it again. I haven’t been doing QA on these videos before publishing them as the 4K videos need an extended lead time to process on YouTube and I’ve also just been extremely busy lately.