Greg’s Car “Graveyard” & Parting Out 2 VW Jettas // GB Productions VLOG

Hey guys and welcome to our first attempt at a casual vlog/special type video. Basically we came up with this idea to film a little tour for you guys through Greg’s car junkyard, or “graveyard” as Mitchell likes to call it. We then decided we might as well film the rest of our day working on parting out a couple cars (which are introduced in the tour), along with us setting up for the channel banner image that has now been posted!.

So once we got the silver Cummins and the trailers out of the way we start off heading down the gravel driveway portion of the graveyard. This area is used primarily to store vehicles that are needing to be preserved either just as storage like Mitchell’s BMW and the black 1992 Jetta which is being stored for a colleague of Greg’s, or awaiting restoration. Along the back side next to the cliff is mainly just temporary storage (not maintained) for vehicles awaiting recycling or back-burner projects that we may or may not get a chance to complete. Down the centre grass driveway are a couple of cars owned by Greg’s father as well as the red Mk. 2 Golf which is only sticking around to use for parts for the white Golf build in the future. The far side of the are has the shipping container full of car parts and engines with the Fordson Super Dexta tractor at the side. This area beside the container will be revamped shortly to make space for all of the extra trailers, trucks and truck cabs to get them a little more off the lawn part of the property.

The first car to be stripped for scrap was Greg’s dad’s first Volkswagen, a black 1992 Jetta Diesel. Long ago Greg’s dad stripped most of the useful parts, the engine and transmission and most of the interior electrical components. All we had to do was fight it out of its’ grave as you see in the video, which was much more of a struggle than Greg had thought it would be. Once we wrestled the black Jetta out of the hole we focused on removing any parts that we thought would be useful on other builds, mainly the manual window regulators. We were going to try to free up the rear brake drums as well but decided instead to just leave them and drag the car onto the trailer. We also added a few extra scrap body parts to make up for what we removed from the car. The idea being to get as much money for the car at the recycle place as possible.

In between cars Greg had a little time lapse cutting grass to prepare the space where we took our banner photos, as well as the process of us actually parking the cars. A lot of vehicle traffic on uncut grass can cause damage to the lawn, so we avoided that entirely.

The second car to be stripped for scrap was Greg’s Uncle’s first Volkswagen, a green 1992 Jetta Diesel. Something major happened inside the engine way back when the car was still being driven so the engine and transmission were not of as much value to us. Greg’s dad had stripped some useful parts off of it previously as well. This car was not quite as much of a struggle to drag out where we could work on it, especially not when you have a tractor with a loader. Same as before we went over the car stripping any useful parts we could. The right fender and right front door were in quite good shape considering the car sat in long grass for a lot of years. This car had no wheels or brake drums on the back so in order to load it onto the trailer Greg had to use a scrap hood from another car under the back so the winch could load it.

All in all not a bad days work. Greg got $270 for each car at the recycle depot. That money actually went into buying a miniature milling machine that will likely be used in future videos for fabrication purposes.

We hope you guys enjoy the video as we’re hoping to do more of these more casual videos in the future!