Gaspe Peninsula Drive Dashcam Part 2 – Gaspe To Mont-Joli via Perce

Hello and welcome to the conclusion to my dashcam time-lapse video of mine and my dad’s drive out around the Gaspe Peninsula. This video includes all the footage from the main traffic lights in gaspe, through Perce and all the communities along the south side of the peninsula, back through to the roundabout in Mont-Joli.

As I say in my opening commentary, I this this drive back is a bit less pretty than the drive out. Generally, at least as long as were along the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the route is quite a bit more built up and is more flat in general. Between Gaspe and Perce, there is a nice twisty mountainous section that I’d imagine would be extremely fun in a more capable sports car, but once past Perce and it’s rock, besides seemingly constant construction, it’s a pretty smooth sailing drive, just long. After crossing the Appalachians once again, we arrive back in Mont-Joli at dusk, fulfilling my goal to try and capture this drive in daylight. Yeah, the windshield got a bit dirty, and that just comes with the territory of crossing a portion of the boreal forest in late afternoon in the summer. It was unfortunate that the weather around Perce was foggy, clearly the weather didn’t play us any favors this day and I think the worst part is knowing the next day (when we headed home), the weather was much better.

Like I said in part 1, I’m definitely going to just record this kind of video in real time in the future, and am looking at ways of upping the post production value for these videos similarly to some other YouTubers who do this content more often, ex. identifying towns, rivers, surrounding numbered roads that are crossed.

I hope you guys enjoy the video, we’ll definitely be doing some more of this type of video, especially next year once Greg returns to school to help keep new content coming.