Gaspe Peninsula Drive Dashcam Part 1 – Mont-Joli To Gaspe, Quebec

Hey Guys,

the following is a time-lapse dashcam video of me and my father’s trip out to the Gaspe peninsula that we did on August 12th, 2021. This first part shows approximately the first 40% or so of the 12 hour drive starting from the roundabout at the end of Autoroute 20 in Mont-Joli, Quebec, east along the south shore of the St. Lawrence river, through Forillon National Park of Canada, until we reach the main downtown intersection between Quebec Route 132 and 198 in Gaspe. This first section of the drive is, in my opinion, the more beautiful part of the drive. Route 132 generally parallels very close, or right on the coast, and that allows for some pretty splendid views of the River and the Appalachian Mountains (the specific range are the Chic-Choc’s). In sections where the highway moves away from the coast, you’re greeted with some awesome mountain roads that, as long as you don’t come upon any RV’s, are extremely fun to drive. I would definitely put it into the top 10 list of best drives I’ve had the opportunity to do so far in my lifetime. The corresponding Instagram post will have some crappy pictures I took during some of this stretch when my dad was driving, as driving duties were shared, usually swapping out at rest stops. Since this trip was mainly planned as a type of scouting mission for my dad for a future vacation, along with the ongoing pandemic, we didn’t really do anything touristy, or check out Forillon. But certainly I want to return here in the future and explore it more deeply than I was able to in a one day drive through.

One other thing, I realize the time-lapse speed is too fast. I think in the future I’m just going to record as a Realtime video and create the time-lapse myself in post. The main limitation is that I didn’t bring any of my computer equipment with me, so I only had my 128 GB SD card which meant I only had about 5 hours of 4K footage, which would have only been enough to record about as far as Perce on the trip, rather than the whole loop back to Mont-Joli.

Either way, I hope you guys enjoy the video and I certainly plan to record many more of these dashcam type videos in the future. And I know that Greg has interest in filming some of these types of videos as well.