1999 BMW 328i (E46) – Plastic Coolant Hose Replacements Part 2

Hello and welcome to the second part of the Plastic Coolant Hose Replacements on the 1999 BMW 328i. In this video, we carry on with the process of removing the intake manifold from the engine. We finally get the fuel rail popped out of the manifold, and the fuel lines disconnected from the rear of the engine bay (not the same spot indicated in the service manual), finally find and remove the lower intake manifold bracket, and the nine upper bolts. Then we remove the positive cable from the starter, and then remove a bunch of stuff that wasn’t mentioned in the manual, including a vacuum line near the throttle body and some additional sensors and other wires.

Now we’re set to replace the hoses, and that will be shown in Part 3 (and then afterwards the fun of putting everything back together!). The main issue we seemed to continuously run into are wires and lines that aren’t mentioned in the Service Manual, or just typical old car problems with certain things not wanting to come off. It was also our first time taking a complicated manifold like this off and I suspect now that we’ve done it once, the next time we have to pull it off will go much quicker. Thanks for Watching!