1999 BMW 328i (E46) – Front Left Turn Signal Lens Replacement

Hey everyone,

so this video is just a little follow up from the previous video centering on the replacement of the turn signal lens that we found out last video was broken. Off camera, while taking the car for a little spin, we noticed when we got back that the lens very nearly fell off the car. So I decided to buy an extremely cheap replacement lens from amazon to serve as a stop gap solution until I fully replace the assembly with a coupe version (hopefully). It really shouldn’t be as difficult of a swap as what it seems to end up being. My guess is over the years the plastic of the low/high beam assembly has expanded, making it more difficult to fit the brand new lens in. Along with the fact that it’s cheap aftermarket parts that aren’t going to be a perfect fit anyway and you end up with 4 or so minutes of struggle trying to get the lens installed. The replacement bulb socket assembly also doesn’t fit on the wiring harness. So all in all, I wouldn’t really recommend this lens, which is a Dorman 1631390 Front Driver Side Turn Signal / Parking Light Assembly for Select BMW Models. Its probably better to go looking for a higher quality lens or an OEM one available at Euro shops such as germanparts.ca, which Greg and I both use to source OEM equipment at times when it’s not available elsewhere.