1999 BMW 328i (E46) – Battery Replacement

Hello Everyone,

so continuing on with the E46 328i project, this time we’re replacing the battery on the car so that we don’t have to keep jump starting it each time we want to use the car and reduce stress on the alternator when the car is running. We purchased the car without a working battery. There isn’t really too much to say about the process as it’s very straightforward but it should be noted that the battery in these cars is located in the trunk instead of the engine bay.

This presents some advantages and disadvantages. The single biggest advantage is that it frees up space in the engine bay and on this particular car the engine bay is already quite cramped. A disadvantage is that if there is an electrical issue it could be extremely difficult to trace where the issue is if it’s on the main conduits between the battery and the where the other positive and negative terminals are that distribute all the other electronics (there is a positive and negative terminal in the engine bay). As well, it can be more difficult to jump start the car in certain situations because you need to run the jumper cables to the trunk instead of the engine bay. One last thing to pay attention to is to be prepared for the weight of the battery. They’re heavier than you expect, especially the beefy old battery we removed.

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